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What is the Best Dog Knee Brace for a Torn ACL?

What is the best dog knee brace for a torn ACL? Trick question: none of them! A torn ACL will not heal on its own. This is because an ACL does not have an adequate supply of blood flowing through it. The presence of red blood cells is key to your body healing itself because oxygen-rich blood cells build new tissue. 

If you believe your dog injured their ACL (due to a limp, lameness, or their unwillingness to put weight on their hind leg), talk with your vet immediately. If they recommend surgery, you should follow their advice. 

However, it is true that not all ACL injuries require surgery and that not all dogs are candidates for surgery. Surgery may not be an option due to your dog’s health, age, or if they have an aversion to anesthetics.

Mild ACL sprains should not require surgery. A mild sprain is just a stretched ACL with microscopic tears that will not affect your dog’s legs over a long period of time. It may still cause your dog pain, so be sure to monitor them as they recover. 

A dog ACL brace can help your dog feel comfortable putting weight on their injury. You can use it after your pet has recovered too — the brace will help keep them comfortable.

In most cases, a dog knee, leg, or ACL brace should only be used for preventative care and supportive care for degenerative diseases such as dysplasia or arthritis. 

Why a Brace is Viable for Preventing Dog Knee Issues

A dog knee, leg, or ACL brace works similarly to a humans’. It helps prevent excessive movement and rotation while supporting your dog’s knee, thus reducing the risk of injury. 

It is very common for a dog with an ACL injury to hurt their other leg too! This is because your pup will avoid putting weight on their injury. They’ll overcompensate and put too much weight on their healthy leg instead. The extreme shift of weight increases their chance of spraining or tearing their other ACL. 

A brace allows your pup to comfortably put more weight on their hurt leg so they’re not dramatically shifting their weight onto one side.

How Dog ACL Braces Help Senior Dogs

As your dog ages, it’s extremely important to think about their physical health. An older dog may not be a candidate for surgery if they tear their ACL, which can lead to months of pain and a lame leg. An ACL or knee brace will provide the support your dog needs while encouraging them to move around and exercise.

As dogs age, their joints can become tighter and stiff. If you notice your senior dog has difficulty moving around, it could be due to arthritis. You can’t entirely prevent arthritis, but you can ease your dog’s pain. A leg brace can help support your dog’s limbs and keep their joints happy so they’re not slowed down by aching joints.

How a Dog Leg Brace Helps Overwight Pups

An overweight dog can benefit too! A brace will help secure their hind legs while you’re working with your dog to shed the extra pounds. The added support greatly reduces the chance of overexertion and injury during this time. It also helps prevent your dog from making too tight movements, thus adding extra strain on their ACL. 

So Which Dog Brace is the Best?

Choose a brace that works for your dog’s needs. Here at Doggy Brace, our dog ACL braces are designed with your dog’s comfort in mind. 

Our products at Doggy Brace are made from soft neoprene and have adjustable straps.

We do not use metal, plastic, or any rigid material in their construction. Our braces are designed with comfort in mind and will not scratch or irritate your dog’s skin. 

Our braces are extremely durable and designed to withstand even the most enthusiastic dogs. The neoprene is a flexible synthetic rubber that is commonly used in wetsuits, so it’s waterproof too! Because neoprene is commonly used in wetsuits, it is easy to clean too! Just use warm water and soap, and be sure to dry it thoroughly before using it again.

Ordering one of our dog ACL braces online is easy! Simply use our sizing chart to find out what size your dog needs, then head over to our product page. Shipping will take up to seven business days.

We also make sizing your brace simple. Check out our helpful and easy to use sizing chart!

If you have any questions about the brace, what size you need, or ordering inquiries, contact us at support@doggybrace.com.


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