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Do Dog ACL Braces Work?

You may have seen our braces and wondered “Do dog ACL braces work?” Firstly, good on you for being skeptical about it! You obviously care a lot for your dog and want to find the right solution to their problem. However, nothing can compare to the advice of your vet, so trust them! After all, a dog ACL brace can not heal a torn ACL. In fact, torn ACLs can’t even heal on their own! They stabilize with time, but the tear is “repaired’ by scar tissue, not by healthy tissue. 

So if your vet recommends surgery or other therapeutic ways to help them heal, you should trust them. 

All that being said, our braces are used to prevent injuries, as well as support a dog who has had an injury in the past. We’re all about support here and making sure your dog is comfortable. 

So…does it work?

Do Dog ACL Braces Work? 

Yes! With the stipulation that the brace is used properly, of course. 

Dog ACL Braces are based off of human ones. Before we get into the canine side, let’s look at the human side of things first: 

Knee braces are recommended by some healthcare providers. According to a survey done by members of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, 63% report prescribing functional bracing after ACL surgery. Additionally, 71% of them prescribe these braces for up to 1 year after surgery. 

You probably noticed the term “functional bracing” in there. That’s because there are a few different kinds of braces. The two that are most common are: 

  1. Functional knee braces – are worn after an ACL surgery to reduce improper knee movements such as excessive rotation, sliding side to side or front to back and the knee caving inwards
  2. Prophylactic knee braces – are designed to protect people from sustaining a knee injury without causing limitations in knee movement.

Doggy Brace functions as a prophylactic knee brace, but can be used to help stabilize a knee after an ACL surgery. It can, however, be a functional brace as well! 

Why Does a Dog Leg Brace Work?

Just like how a human brace compresses the knee, leg, or arm, a dog leg brace does the same. It helps everything stay where it needs to be, especially during movement. If you’ve ever worn a brace, you know how uncomfortable it can be to move too quickly, or to move in a weird way when the brace is on. 

A dog brace works the same way. It supports your dog’s leg (front or back, depending on the brace), and restricts its movement. A brace shouldn’t hurt your dog if they move in a way the brace doesn’t want them to, but it will help teach them not to move that way. 

Think of them as a training exercise that supports health habits and healthy joints. 

Our brace is specifically designed for CCLs (though we use ACL for colloquialism). The ACL is only in a dog’s back two legs. So if your dog has a problem with its front legs — it’s elbows — then we’re not the right company for you. 

So Why Would Your Dog Need a Brace?

Dogs like to run. They like to jump, to skip, to slide; to play. It’s in their nature. Sometimes, dogs overdue it. Or sometimes, they’re just genetically predisposed for certain health problems. 

In fact, an ACL rupture is one of the most common orthopedic injuries in dogs and is the most common cause of degenerative joint disease in the stifle  joint. ACL rupture occurs in dogs of all sizes, but is most prevalent in large and giant breeds, thanks to their weight and quick growth. 

Age is also a known factor. As dogs get older, their limbs get weaker. It happens to all of us, sadly. 

That’s where an ACL brace comes in. The Doggy Brace is a kind of stifle brace that controls the backward slide of the tibia and femur, preventing these bones from sliding outside of the natural range of motion. Meaning it helps your dog walk comfortably and safely. 

Some braces are also designed with pokey bits and metal. Our braces are designed for comfort. We use neoprene, which is a sturdy material and will hold up to years of use. It’s resistant to weather, scratches, and heat the brace should last your pup as long as they need the support! 

With Doggy Brace, you can put ACL injuries in the back of your mind and keep on playing with your furry pup. Or, with senior dogs, you can help support them more by encouraging exercise without the pain. Our braces are designed to support and prevent, and are made with each and every dog in mind. So give it a try and see for yourself if dog ACL braces actually work. With our no-fuss return policy, you have nothing to lose.