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Our straps are adjustable and designed so one size fits most. To pick the right brace, you’ll need an adjustable tape measure to find your dog’s tibia length and upper thigh circumference and you’ll need to be able to weigh them. Head over to our sizing chart to find the perfect fit!

How tight do I cinch the strap?

You want to tighten the strap enough to keep the brace tight against their leg. Remember that your dog can’t let you know if something is too tight or their paw is going numb so you want to be careful and aware of your dog’s comfort. Remember to alternate time on and off with the brace to promote healthy circulation.

How do I return the brace or get a replacement?

  • Return request must be made within 10 days of order date
  • Brace must be returned in unused condition
  • Returned brace must be received within 16 days of order date
  • Customer is responsible for return shipping costs
  • We offer a free rapid replacement for sizing issues
  • Please note rapid replacements do not qualify for refunds

Should I use a brace instead of surgery?

A completely torn CCL will not heal on its own without surgery. Talk with your vet to see if surgery is needed for your dog. If your vet does not recommend surgery, a brace can be used as a form of conservative treatment.

What colors are available?

In our constant effort to keep the cost of the brace low for customers, we only offer black braces.

Why does the brace keep slipping down?

The brace is adjustable and so is reliant on you putting it on correctly. So long as the brace is the right size, and the back and leg straps are tightened correctly the brace should stay at the right height. Of course, with very active dogs there is the chance you will need to readjust periodically.

Is international shipping available?

In our constant effort to keep the cost of the brace and shipping low, we do not currently ship internationally.