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Why Is My Dog Acting Weird?

Are you watching and wondering why your dog has been acting weird the past few days? Maybe you’re unsure if your dog is showing symptoms of different illnesses, distress, or even an injury. Dogs will often communicate through physical and behavioral changes. At Doggy Brace we want to help you communicate with your dog by being the liaison.

Below we list out some of the more important symptoms to be aware of in your dog. You want to pay attention to any subtle changes your dog may show; however, if you are ever unsure how serious an illness or injury may be (such as a torn ACL) to your furry friend contact your veterinarian. 

Lack of Appetite

While there are many harmless reasons as to why your dog may be showing a lack of appetite it can be a sign of a more serious underlying condition. When you notice your dog having a lack of appetite note if it is because they are waiting for table food or are truly not eating at all. If your dog is eating less followed by vomiting, diarrhea, weight loss, or slowness contact your vet. If you notice that your dog has gone a full 24 hours without touching their food bring your dog into the veterinarian office as this can be something much more serious. 

Lack of Thirst

Lack of thirst is less common than lack of appetite, and should not go unnoticed. If your dog is not drinking water this is a cause for concern as there could be a multitude of reasons. Think of how often you reach for a glass of water, juice, milk, whatever it may be. And now imagine your dog going 10-12 hours without any water – they are sure to be parched. One way to test if your dog is able to lift its head to the water is by swirling your finger in the bowl and then bringing your finger to their lips. If your dog begins to lick your fingers this is a sign that you should raise the bowl to their face allowing them to drink while you call your vet. 

Frequent Urination

Has your dog been waiting at the door to be let out more often recently? This may be a sign of your dog acting weird! Excessive urination can be a sign of diabetes, kidney disease, or adrenal gland disease. When you notice your dog going outside constantly watch and see if your furry friend is struggling to urinate which may signal a urinary tract infection. However, if it is summer time and your dog is hot and constantly drinking water this may not be a concern for frequent urination. Take notice if your dog begins to go to the bathroom inside frequently or has blood in their urine. These symptoms will call for a vet’s immediate attention.

Vomiting and Diarrhea

There are times where vomiting and diarrhea aren’t a concern, such as if your dog is eating grass or leaves, is digging into the trash can, or is eating any soiled food. However, it is more concerning when the vomiting and diarrhea are consistent. If your furry friend is struggling to swallow food and gagging speak with your vet. Vomiting and diarrhea can be signs of many different illnesses if persistent. When you notice the vomiting and diarrhea recurring make an appointment with your veterinarian immediately. 

Trouble Standing and Sitting

If your dog is having difficulty standing or sitting this can be an issue within their legs or spine. It is common that as dogs age they will begin to struggle with hip dysplasia, a torn ACL, arthritis of the spine, torn ligaments, or dislocated discs. Large dog breeds are more likely to suffer from different issues within their legs. If your dog suffers from knee issues or hip dysplasia, order a doggy brace today! If you begin to notice your dog limping, struggling to stand, or struggling to sit call your veterinarian for an appointment and possible x-ray. 

The above list has just a few options of signs as to why your dog may be acting weird. You want to be sure you are aware of the above for your dog’s health and safety. While these signs may just be a short illness in your dog and nothing to be concerned about it is smart to contact your veterinarian. You are the best person to decide when to bring your dog in for an appointment. There are never too many precautions when taking care of your fluffy friend!


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