Five Must-Have Dog Accessories

Dogs need a lot of things apart from their harness, food bowls, and toys. We at Doggy Brace compiled our favorite items that help us take care of our dogs! Doggy Brace is not affiliated with any of these brands or products – we just think they’re neat! 

1. Whistle Go Explore Dog GPS Tracker

The Whistle GPS Pet Tracker is a must-have to give you peace of mind. Whether your dog is off-leash or just loves to run, this tracker is for you. The tracker is less than two inches wide, weighs under an ounce, and is attached to a pet collar without causing irritation. The best part? No monthly subscription is required. 

The device is incredibly accurate, too. If your dog is an escape artist in your backyard, or you’re worried he’ll run away from the dog sitter, give this must-have dog accessory a try. 

It’s available in three colors: green, gray, and magenta.

2. Kuoser Cozy Vest

The Kuoser Cozy Vest is one of our favorites. This dog coat is an essential accessory for any stylish pup, who hates the cold. It’s amazing at keeping your pup warm during cold months. The vest attaches under the dog’s belly and owners say as long as you measure your dog for fit, it doesn’t cause any rubbing or irritation.

It comes in XS to 3XL. It’s also reversible! One side is a nice plaid while the other is a black puffer style. 

3. Pet Industries Metal Buckle LED Dog Collar

Nightly walks with your dog are imperative to get out energy before bed and to let them use the bathroom one more time. Visibility is the most important thing that helps keep you and your dog safe when you’re out at night, especially if you have to walk near roads. That’s why this LED collar made our list! 

The Metal Buckle LED dog collar is a USB-charged collar that stays charged for up to a week of 1-hour walks. It has 3 different light settings and flashes and comes in sizes ranging from XS to L (10 inches to 23.4 inches). 

We love how brightly the light shines, stating that it’s easy to spot no matter how dark. It’s a great choice for night walks in areas with no streetlights, allowing passing drivers to spot the dog. While we wouldn’t recommend this as your dog’s primary collar, it’s a must-have for keeping your dog safe when the sun goes down.

It comes in seven colors. 

4. Dog Leg Brace

We don’t want to toot our own horn, but if your dog is prone to leg injuries, is a senior, or if you’re worried about them overexerting themselves, then you need to try our dog ACL brace. It works like a compression sleeve: it discourages your pup from straining their leg, while providing pressure-relieving support when they’re moving around.

Our dog braces are a quality and affordable way to support your pup’s physical health. Think of it as a removable cast for their leg that provides support while restricting movement between their tibia and femur.

A dog ACL brace should be designed with your pup’s comfort in mind. At Doggy Brace, the soft neoprene won’t irritate their skin and the back strap is completely optional. 

5. RUFFWEAR Cooling Vest for Dogs

Finally, we’re based in Arizona so this cooling vest is a huge must for us. This vest helps reduce the risk of overheating, which is imperative when it gets over 100 degrees here in the Phoenix Valley. 

The Ruffwear cooling vest is amazing. All you do is soak it in cold water before you take your dog out — and as the water evaporates, the vest lowers the dog’s temperature. The vest comes in six sizes and attaches at the belly and chest for a snug fit. It also has a reflective piece on top so that it can be used all hours of the day, and can even support an attached flashlight for an extra level of safety.

Finding a perfect fit can be difficult, so double check your measurements before you purchase it! 

What to Look for in Dog Accessories

If you’re looking for your own dog accessories, keep these three things in mind: safety, necessity, and ease of use. 

Whatever you choose to buy, make sure it is sturdy and free of little bits that your dog could eat or choke on. Also be sure that it won’t snag, cut off circulation, or rub against your dog’s skin, mouth, or paws when they’re using it. Finally, make sure that it is made with non-toxic ingredients! 

When it comes to necessity and ease of use, make it as simple as possible. Ask yourself two questions: does my dog really need this and is it easy for me to take on/off them? If the answer to both of them is yes, then buy it! 

That’s it from us. As always, play on!