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Fun Activities to do with Your Dogs in Summer

It’s that glorious time of year again: the sun is shining and it’s the perfect time to enjoy the day outside. And don’t forget about your dog! They deserve to enjoy the sun too! So here are three activities you can do with your dog so they can enjoy the summer too!

Just remember, in some states, the summer can be brutally hot. Keep an eye on your dog, provide them with plenty of drinkable water and shade to rest in from time to time to keep them healthy, hydrated, and cool. Keep an eye out for signs of dehydration at all times. 

But summer is short so make the most of it by bringing your dog along on some fun outings, like the ones listed below. 

Let Your Dog Enjoy the Water too! 

Dogs enjoy swimming too! It helps cool them done and provides stimulation that is great for their physical health and mental health! The feeling of cool water rushing through their fur as they chase their favorite ball or a stick into the lake is exactly what most would call the perfect activity for dogs in summer. 

Most dogs love to swim because their bodies are built for it! Dogs with longer and powerful legs love to use them! And two, many dogs are introduced to water as puppies, which means they’re able to get over their fear of water at a young age and learn to enjoy it. 

That all being said, not all dogs enjoy water or swimming, but those that do absolutely thrive in it. If you are able to, take them to a body of water or let them join you in your pool. Your dog will appreciate it, especially if they’re an aquatic breed like an American Water Spaniel or an Irish Water Spaniel. But if you have a bulldog, Pitbull, Greyhound, or any breed with shorter legs, they may not be as keen to swim. That doesn’t mean they won’t like boat rides, though! 

If your dog doesn’t like swimming or being around water (or if you don’t have access to open water), try a sprinkler or hose with a nozzle! They may surprise you and like being showered down in the hot sun without the added stress of being submerged.

Does Your Dog Love Long Walks? Go Hiking! 

Walks and dogs go together like milk and cookies — they’re a natural pair! So, of course, your dog will probably enjoy going on a hike with you! Just make sure they are properly socialized with other dogs and people before going out, as many hiking trails are well populated. 

Hiking is great for dogs too! It gives them new mental stimulation like new smells to explore, new sites to see, and new things to hear. If you notice your dog acting like a dog and sniffing everything it can, try not to rush them! It’s good for them to get back in touch with their instincts and experience the outdoors through their nose. 

Hiking on a dirt path, while messy, is also better for them than walking on pavement! The dirt is cooler and helps strengthen their limbs and better their coordination. 

Beware of making your dog a weekend warrior though! Only take them on hikes that are on the same level of physical exercise that they are used to. Never push your dog with a 5 mile hike if they’re only used to walking a couple of blocks each day! And, like always, keep your dog on a leash for their safety!

Throw a Doggy Party!

Does your friend have dogs? Your neighbor? Are they well behaved and do they play nicely? Invite them over! It’s great for socializing and just good fun for your dog and theirs to interact. 

Dogs are extremely social creatures, thanks to domestication, and love making new friends with humans and dogs alike. Allowing them to make companions is great for their health too. It gives them a chance to experience new things like smells, new play routines, and is great for burning off their energy. Plus, who doesn’t love to see two dogs locked in a game of keep away or tag?

Prove the puppy party with a couple of toys and plenty of room to run freely. If you don’t have a safe yard for it, we recommend a dog park! Pick one that can accommodate dogs of all sizes so no one gets left out of the fun too. 

Worried About Overexertion?

As a dog owner, we get it — new experiences can mean overexertion, both physically and mentally. If your dog is showing signs of anxiety, don’t force them out and let them stay comfortable. 

If you’re worried about physical strain, we’ve got you covered. Our products at Doggy Brace are perfect for preventing an injury before it occurs. Our braces are extremely durable and designed to withstand even the most enthusiastic dogs.

They’re made of neoprene, which is a flexible synthetic rubber that is commonly used in wetsuits. Because neoprene is commonly used in wetsuits, that means it’s waterproof and easy to clean too! Just use warm water and soap, and be sure to dry it thoroughly before using it again.

Ordering one of our dog ACL braces online is easy! Head over to our sizing page to find the right fit for your dog.

If you have any questions about the brace, what size you need, or ordering inquiries, contact us at


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