How To Train A Dog To Ring A Bell To Go Outside

How To Train A Dog To Ring A Bell To Go Outside

Teaching your dog how to communicate when they need to go outside will definitely make both of your lives easier. Forming a shared language between you and your buddy will solve a lot of problems that you cannot understand from just barking. When it comes to a shared language, the ring is one of the most simple and convenient ways to communicate with your dog. 

At Doggy Brace, our favorite trick is teaching your dog to ring a bell to let you know that they have to go potty! You can teach your dog how to ring a bell to go outside easily and simply. You just need to phase in the training. Here is how to a train a dog to ring a bell to go outside.

How To Train A Dog To Ring A Bell To Go Outside

We can summarize how to train a dog to ring a bell to go outside under three steps. You need to train your dog to touch the bell, ring the bell, and when to ring the bell. We will include details related to these steps below. Let’s see how to train a dog to ring a bell to go outside.

1)  Introduce The Bell And Encourage Engagement

Firstly, keep in mind that a loud bell is better for you to avoid unnoticed signals that your dog wants to give you when they need to go outside. However, you should be careful that it is not too loud so it doesn’t scare your pup. When you get the bell, you should introduce it to them and encourage them to engage with the bell. You can reward your dog with treats as they touch the bell. It is important that your dog makes a positive connection with the bell and knows that it is nothing to worry about.

2)  Start Training With “Touch”

You should encourage your dog to touch the bell to start training. Animal behaviorist Mikkel Becker says to use food to lure your dog to the bell. You can use spreadable cheese, dog-safe peanut butter, or other soft treats to place on the bell.

After your dog is sure that the bell is a safe object to play with, it is time to start giving the command “touch” by holding the bell a little far away from his nose. It is significant to reward the touch to make sure that your dog understands they are doing the right thing. You need to pet him, praise him and give him treats as soon as he touches the bell. You may need to repeat this action 10 to 15 times to form a pattern. Remember, daily repetition is key!

Now that your dog responds to your command properly, you can try to hold the bell further from your dog. Command “touch” while the bell is far away and see if they respond. This needs to be done 10 to 15 times a day for a week or two according to your dog’s behavior.

3) Place The Bell Next To The Door

Let’s move on to the third step of “how to train a dog to ring a bell to go outside.” Your furry friend has gotten used to touching the bell and gotten lots of treats. It is time to switch from touching the bell to ring it for a purpose.

You should hang the bell from the doorknob that you use to go outside most often. Your dog should be able to reach the bell easily, so you should be careful about placing the bell at the nose or paw level for your dog.

After hanging the bell next to the door, you can hold the bell in your hand by showing it to them and saying “touch”. You should be waiting with treats in your hand so that you can give the reward immediately. Praise is very effective along with treats, too.

If your dog touches the bell as soon as you say “touch,”  he is a master of touching the bell now. Now, you can just point to the bell and say “touch” and hopefully get the same effect. Do not forget the praise and treats. It is a slight possibility that your dog can not nail it.

4)  Ring The Bell Just When Going Outside

In this step, what is important is that your dog should understand that they can ring the bell without your command. The trick, on the other hand, is that they should know that the bell is only for going outside. It is better for you if the bell does not ring all the time, right? You can reach further related reading here.

To make sure that your dog knows that they should ring the bell when needed, you can command “touch” as you approach the door. Again, you should reward your dog with treats and praise when they ring the bell before going outside. Repeat this every single time when you go out together. Also, as dogs are such good observers; if you ring the bell while going out, your dog can understand it is related to going outside.

Keep in mind that everyone in the house should maintain this pattern until your pup completes his training. Repetition and consistency are the most important factors to complete the training successfully.