Reviews - Doggy Brace

Ollie is a 4 year old rescue with a torn acl. We had been struggling with it for almost 3 months when we decided investing in a brace was far less costly than the surgery we were facing. I wish we had purchased this brace right away - it helps SO much! The first time we used the brace he walked normally! We keep it on him for walks and yard time and after using it for only 10 days I no longer expect to have to get his acl repaired surgically. He has improved dramatically. I highly recommend this product. Great customer service - came in 4 days. Also, I was pleasantly surprised that despite Ollie having a 67lb body on tiny little legs the sizing guide worked out and the medium fits perfectly.

Rosemary Watson

My large hound pit mix had an ACL injury and 2 different vets said she would require surgery. I used this brace and restricted her activity for a couple of weeks and she made a full recovery without needing the surgery. Every dog and injury is different, but the surgery would have been hard on such an active dog and the brace stabilized it so it could heal without the surgery. She did have pain medication and anti inflammatory meds, but I'm thoroughly convinced she would have ended up needing surgery had I not immediately used the brace and restricted activity for at least 2 weeks.
We appreciate y'all for making a product that helps! Boo Radley really appreciated the brace over surgery, I'm sure. I rarely ever review anything, but this is one product that actually does work and I just wanted to share that. Surgery is expensive and traumatic for animals so if there is another option out there, people should try it before such an invasive operation.

Thank y'all from me and Boo!

Jaycee Carbajal

This brace has seemed to help Zoey, she is putting more weight on her injured leg. We have vet appointment coming up so we will see what experts say. Great customer service our brace developed a tear and they are sending out new one. Don’t hesitate to try this out before agreeing to an complicated surgery.


Rocky has a torn ACL and trying to prevent surgery, he was put on pain meds w/ pills to help slow him down... I found that he was still trying to jump, etc...

I purchased DoggyBrace hoping that this would help prevent jumping and slow him down more which in turn could hopefully prevent the surgery / pain by giving him time to heal.

It immediately made a difference in his mobility...most important not being able to jump as much. The only thing I did was removed the backstrap as it wasn't staying in place for me, due to the size of the breed... But 100% happy with this product and would recommend.

The product is quality made, and fits as specified by the size chart.

Super Fast Shipping as well!


Braces that I ordered, unfortunately didn’t fit my fur baby. Great costumer service, support team emailed me back super quick. They made the return process smooth sailing.

Thank you

Jill Ericson

I am so overjoyed with this company !

My precious 3 year old, Hans, tore his ACL over a year ago.
Then, it seemed to heal..without intervention. Now he has torn it again - chasing a squirrel - and it is very upsetting.

I ordered a left leg brace . But, I ordered the wrong size. Emailed Doggy Brace on 4th of July night ! Heard from them the very next morning - they sent me a smaller brace FOR FREE !!!

I am recommending this company to everyone I know who has pups they love. THANK YOU - from my heart - DOGGY BRACE !!!!!

Dana Copiskey

We love this brace for our 8 year old German Shepard. He had knee surgery and 6 months later tore something else in his knee so this brace has been a life saver!
Also the customer service is wonderful! Our local post office misplaced our brace and the company sent a new one out within a few days of me reaching out to them. I highly recommend this company!!