Jaycee Carbajal - Doggy Brace

My large hound pit mix had an ACL injury and 2 different vets said she would require surgery. I used this brace and restricted her activity for a couple of weeks and she made a full recovery without needing the surgery. Every dog and injury is different, but the surgery would have been hard on such an active dog and the brace stabilized it so it could heal without the surgery. She did have pain medication and anti inflammatory meds, but I'm thoroughly convinced she would have ended up needing surgery had I not immediately used the brace and restricted activity for at least 2 weeks.
We appreciate y'all for making a product that helps! Boo Radley really appreciated the brace over surgery, I'm sure. I rarely ever review anything, but this is one product that actually does work and I just wanted to share that. Surgery is expensive and traumatic for animals so if there is another option out there, people should try it before such an invasive operation.

Thank y'all from me and Boo!