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ccl injuries


CCL injuries, more commonly known as ACL injuries, are very common for many dogs of all breeds and sizes. They’re major injuries that can affect your dog’s lifestyle for years, but they aren’t life threatening. If your dog has torn it’s CCL, or if you’re worried that it will, we’re here for you. At Doggy Brace, we’re experts on the subject. 

So should you worry about CCL injuries? Yes, but you shouldn’t obsess over them. Instead, understand their causes and how to prevent them. That should be all you need to calm your fears about your dog hurting its leg. 

Firstly, what is a CCL injury? A CCL is their cranial cruciate ligament, which is very similar to your ACL. It’s located in their rear legs, right by their knees. If torn, it will cause your dog pain, will cause limping and lameness in the leg, and could impact their leg’s stabilization for the rest of their life. 

What causes them?

Common Causes for Dog ACL Injuries

Any dog can have ACL problems. It’s not always genetic, though it is always caused by some sort of physical strain. Some dogs are more predisposed to the condition too. 

Other Medical Conditions Can Lead to Injury

If a dog injures their foot, leg, or has a hip injury or dysplasia, they usually shift their weight to compensate. It’s like if you have a sprained ankle — it hurts a lot to put weight on it, so you try to avoid it by limping and putting more weight on your healthy leg. Your dog does the same thing. 

This can be problematic and greatly increases the risk of your dog hurting their other leg. One wrong jump or wrong turn can easily lead to a torn ACL if your dog’s leg isn’t properly supported. 


Even the smallest dog breeds can have ACL problems due to their weight. If they’re healthy, then you shouldn’t have to worry. But if your dog is obese, it makes them more likely to be injured. Why? Because excessive weight adds stress on joints and ligaments. The more weight on their legs, the faster their muscles and tendons will wear down due to stress. 

Recovery is harder for an obese dog as well. The extra pounds can worsen the tear and prolong healing.

Over Exercising 

Everything is good in moderation, exercise included. Just like how you can be sore after a long day of exercise, your dog can be too! They can be over-exerted, which is just as much of a problem for them as it is for you. 


Middle aged and older dogs most commonly rupture their ACLs because of progressive degenerative changes in their ligaments and muscles.

Preventative Care using Dog ACL Braces

Active dogs are at an increased risk for leg and knee injuries, which makes total sense. As their owner, it’s your job to monitor their activity and make sure they don’t overdo it (or underdo it). 

As your dog ages, it’s also extremely important to think about their physical health. The older your dog is, the more likely they are to hurt themselves. Additionally, old age can also be a factor in preventing surgery, which can prolong the healing process. 

We have a ton of blogs that go in-depth on how to prevent leg injuries, especially while exercising, so be sure to check those out. And if you have any questions about dog leg braces and how they help prevent injuries, contact us at any time.

Using a Brace for Preventive Care

Do you know why an athlete wears a knee brace? It helps prevent excessive movement and rotation while supporting the athlete’s knee and reducing the risk of injury. The same is said for dog knee and ACL braces! Dog ACL Braces from Doggy Brace comfortably restrict movement while supporting your dog’s leg.

An overweight dog can benefit too! A brace will help secure their hind legs while you’re working with your dog to shed the extra pounds. The added support greatly reduces the chance of overexertion and injury during this time.

In addition to all that, Doggy Brace offers affordable preventive solutions that keep your dog (and your wallet) healthy and happy. They’re easy to use and sizing them is as easy as measuring your dog’s leg and weight. If you’re interested, check them out today!