An In-Depth Look at Toy Dogs

You know them, you love them: the toy dog breeds. They’re the smallest dog breeds in the world and have some of the largest personalities. From a short-faced pug to a wavy-eared Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, toy breeds are extremely diverse in all but size — of the 21 different breeds, most are under 30 […]

How Often Should I Clip My Dog’s Nails?

Everyone who has owned a cat or a dog knows that their nails can get long, fast! This is especially true if your dog isn’t walking on pavement or harder surfaces that help naturally dull their claws. If you go to a groomer, chances are that they take care of your pet’s nails for you, […]

Best Dog Food for Joint Health

Dogs need good food to live a long and happy life. In general, a healthy dog diet will suffice for the average dog, but some with degenerative disease, those that grow quickly, or those who are in the golden years may need a more specialized diet. More specifically, one that supports their joint health. So […]