The Best Dog Gifts for Christmas - Doggy Brace

Whether you’re looking to spoil your own dog or love on someone else’s, make sure you get a good look at these best dog gifts for Christmas! Certified good boys and girls deserve presents, too.

Below we’ve compiled a list of toys that are sure to please any kind of dog and any size of dog. We’ve kept a particular eye towards healthy toys, and well made toys, and toys made to last. No one likes crumbled bits from cheap, chewed up toys sprinkled throughout the house. 

For Dogs With Style

Okay, okay— maybe this one is more for the humans and less for the dogs. But all the same, it’s still a must. creates matching t-shirts, sweaters, and hoodie sets for you and your dog. Fashionable, made well, and fast to ship. A great idea for the dog lover in your life who is obsessed with their pup, or the person who has a “Dog Mom” sticker on their bumper.

Hanna Andersson’s dog clothes are so dang cute that even other doggos will stop and stare. Hanna lists the items as ‘pajamas’, but let’s be honest: anything a dog wears can be considered pajamas. After all, dogs sleep for an average of 12 hours a day anyways. Most items are on sale right now with 20% off, like this adorable “Falala” print. 

For Dogs That Need Something To Do

What’s the best Christmas gift you can get a smart dog? Something to do. Smart dogs and working dogs need a job! The following gift will not only keep them out of trouble, but will also keep them entertained for a while. Think puzzles, games, and toys that have treats inside of them as the reward after using their brains. 

Nina Ottosson makes incredible toys for brainy pups, like this Outward Hound Brick Puzzle Game. This puzzle lets dogs retrieve treats after opening a small door on top of the puzzle. The game is for intermediate to advanced dogs (lookin’ at you Border Collies, Jack Russels, etc), and is a fantastic toy for bonding, too. 

For Dogs That Like To Burrow

Does your dog love to burrow, chase small creatures, or herd other animals? If so, Zippy Paw’s Zippy Burrow- Fox Stump is for them! This toy is not only the cutest thing you ever saw, but it allows dogs that like to burrow the freedom to do so inside. Doggos like to bury their face in the toy and get the little creatures out one by one. Did we mention this is the cutest thing ever? I think we did, but it’s safe to mention one more time. 

Zippy Paws has many variations and styles of the burrow toy, and you can filter toys based on the size of the dog, too. 

For Pups With Separation Anxiety 

Separation anxiety is heartbreaking to experience for both dog and human. About 20% – 40% of dogs experience separation anxiety, and it can be challenging to soothe an anxious dog— especially when you can’t stay home to take care of them.

People who work or have to leave home for long periods of the day (or even short periods, depending on the level of separation anxiety) often struggle with this problem. What’s worse, is dogs can also become harmful to themselves when left alone with their anxiety. It’s not uncommon for a dog to chew on something until its mouth bleeds, or to destroy the house in efforts of self-soothing. 

However, more dog toys are emerging on the market to combat separation anxiety,like this durable ball that moves on it’s own with motion sensors. 

Zoomies Pet Ball is a ‘smart’ ball that promises to keep an anxious dog busy for hours. Zoomies also state that the ball will not tear or split apart, either. One charge can last up to 8 hours. Whether you are home or not, Zoomies is at the top of our list (well, literally at the bottom, but we saved the best for last) for the best dog gifts for Christmas. 

Happy Holidays From Doggy Brace

We hope this blog was helpful in finding the right dog toy for your pup, and we hope the holiday season treats you and your furry friends well. See what we did there?