The Most Popular Dog Breeds in America - Doggy Brace

America’s most popular dog breeds are loved for various reasons. Whether they’re fabulous family dogs, skilled co-workers, or cherished athletes— these top 10 breeds have left their mark on American hearts. 

Labrador Retriever

Seriously— who doesn’t love a Lab?

Chances are you see this dog everywhere, and that’s because they are America’s most popular dog breed by far. But how did that come to be?

Why We Love Labs

Labradors have excellent temperaments — making them great candidates for people who want an easy-going dog. Labradors can go with the flow and meet their owner’s energy levels. Want to go for a run, hike, or swim? Labs are always ready to play. Ready to chill out and lounge? Labs are up for the task. These pups are flexible. 

According to the AKC, Labs have held the top spot for America’s most loved dog since 1991. And since 1991, no other dog breed has taken their spot. Labs reign supreme when it comes to popular dog breeds in America.

French Bulldog

French Bulldogs have really climbed the ranks over the last decade. They’ve wiggled their way into America’s heart for many reasons, aside from their adorableness. French Bulldogs are like the Mini Coopers of the canine species; compact, can fit anywhere, reliable, and CUTE.

Why We Love French Bulldogs

Besides being so dang cute that we can hardly stand it, French Bulldogs have consistent temperaments that you can trust. They are a popular dog breed because of how relaxed and low-energy they can be.

If you know a Frenchie, then you know the zoomies can be very real. But when they’re done running around like a crazed animal, they go ka-put for hours. If “chill” is your speed, then a Frenchie might be a great dog for you.

French Bulldogs are also excellent for small living. Since they aren’t high energy and they don’t need a large yard to run, they can live happy lives inside small apartments or studios. This breed especially loves a kennel and since they are so small, they often feel incredibly safe inside a small kennel anyways.

However, If you’re looking for reasons not to get a French Bulldog, you can check out this video.

Golden Retriever

Is there anything more American than a Golden Retriever? We think not. Golden Retrievers are a popular dog breed because they are the golden dogs— the certified good boys of the dog world, if you will. We’ve never met a Golden without a smile on its face— have you?

Why Americans Love Golden Retrievers

Golden Retrievers are a popular dog breed because of how easygoing, consistent, and patient they are. They love kids, are very smart, and have high emotional intelligence. They are easy to train and eager to please their humans, making them excellent service dogs for the disabled.

Goldens are also great working dogs, too. Golden Retrievers are utilized for positions such as sniffing out drugs and bombs. They really can do it all, like swimming for sticks in the lake with children or keeping a person with epilepsy from hurting themselves.

German Shepards

Despite their regal demeanor and stereotype, German Shepards are thought to be the most loving and loyal dogs ever. These pups stick to their people like glue and will do anything to protect them.

Why We Love German Shepards

Although often cold towards strangers, German Shepards love their families and people with fierce loyalty that can’t be matched. German Shepards are also protective of their humans, making them fantastic companions and family members. 

Not only are they German Shepherds loyal, but they are also incredibly intelligent. German Shepherds are working dogs that love a task and a challenge. Whether it’s protecting the family from intruders or cracking down on crime with police officers, German Shepherds are incredible dogs that have earned the respect and love of humans everywhere—not just in America.
Because they are so smart, they require extensive training. German Shepherds need tasks, especially when they’re young. If you get yourself a German Shepherd, make sure that you have a robust training program to lean on and learn as much as you can about the breed.  Although kind and wonderful, German Shepherds can run the show if you don’t.

Close-up portrait of an obedient small gray poodle with a red leather collar on grey background


Oh, Poodles. To know one is to love one.

Why Poodles Are a Popular Dog Breed

Poodles come in three different sizes: miniature (toy), regular (miniature), and extra large (standard). All jokes aside, though, Poodles can thrive in any sized living space depending on the size of Poodle you have.

People love poodles because they are incredibly intelligent and full of personality. And although super spunky, Poodles have a certain kind of patience that’s perfect for families with children. 

Poodles are easy to train, super obedient, and love to please. These attributes alone make them great companions and perfect dogs for first-time dog owners. Poodles are hypoallergenic and don’t shed much. If dog hair is your pet peeve, or if you love dogs and are allergic to them, Poodles might be an awesome fit for you.