The New Puppy Checklist: Part 2 - Doggy Brace

Part 1 of The New Puppy Checklist was all about puppy proofing your home for the new little doggo in your life. If you missed it, make sure to hop over. We covered how to keep your new puppy safe, let’s get to the list of things you’ll need for smooth sailing. The items on this new puppy checklist are things you absolutely, without a doubt need in your life. They are lifesavers, timesavers, and stress savers so that you can cruise through this phase without sleepless nights or destroyed furniture.

cute homemade corgi puppy lies in a white fluffy blanket funny sticking your tongue out

Dog Crate

Crate training is essential to peace. It just is. Crate training your dog will allow your dog to have its very own domain to feel safe. Crates offer separation, give you space, and will make it easier for other people to watch your dog when you can’t. This also helps with separation anxiety in dogs, so they are great to introduce as puppies. The crate you choose will depend on the size of your dog. It’s important to invest in a strong and durable crate that can easily fold and collapse when you need the floor space back. Collapsing crates are also easier to travel with.

The “Stay” Water Bowl

If puppies are good at anything, it’s making a huge mess. That’s why we love this water bowl. It stays flat to the ground so that your pup can’t flip the bowl over. Puppies have a hard time controlling their wiggly little bodies, which makes it easy for them to step on the lip of non-suction bowls and send water everywhere. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Safety Gate

Part one of the new puppy checklist series was all about safety. So it’s no surprise that this safety gate made the cut, too. Safety gates are awesome to have around when you need to protect your dog from stairs or other obstacles. They are also awesome for times when you can’t keep your eyes on your puppy. Find a gate that matches the width of your space so that you and your pup can both be safe and have peace of mind. Safety gates come in many different sizes, colors, and materials. We like this one best.

Soft Grooming Tools For Your New Puppy

Soft, hand-held grooming tools are perfect for introducing new puppies to the feeling of being groomed. Whether you have a short haired pup or a long haired one, chances are that you will have to have your dog groomed at some point. Or, hopefully, you’ll give them a bath and a brushing every once and awhile. That’s a joke. Please groom your dog! 

We like this hand-held soft brush for pups because it fits on the hand and isn’t super bulky. It’s designed to replicate the soft feeling of being a pet. The hand-held design is calming for your dog. Let your dog smell the brush, slip your hand through the handle, and softly begin to brush the dog. Let them get used to the sensation of the bristles on their backs before brushing with any kind of force. Snag it on Amazon for a cool $15.

Urine Neutralizer

Your new puppy will pee on the floor at some point— that is inevitable. As they learn how to potty train, it’s helpful to have a urine neutraliser on hand for accidents on carpet or rugs. Having a new puppy doesn’t mean your house has to smell like urine! We like this neutraliser from Nature’s Miracle because it uses a natural solution that won’t fill your home with chemicals. We recommend the 64 oz bottle, because odds are you might need it all. Puppies pee a lot. Purchase yours here.

Customized Dog Collar

Pet ID tags serve a purpose, but they can be extremely dangerous. When ID tags dangle from the collar, they can get stuck in between spaces like wires in a crate or a space between slats of wood on a deck. Those two specific spaces are just examples, and there are many, many more places dogs can get their tags stuck. When a dog gets the dangling tag from their collar stuck in a space, they will freak out — causing them to strangle themselves until they unfortunately pass out, or die. 
This is completely avoidable with breakaway collars and with a customized dog collar. Customized dog collars make it easy to skip the dangling dog tags because your dog’s name and your phone number are sewn right onto the collar. Amazon offers customized collars for less than $20, in tons of different colors and styles. It’s an affordable option that can save you a lifetime of sadness.

Have Fun

The last thing on our new puppy checklist is fun.  Make sure to have fun with your new little buddy. The puppy phase only lasts so long, and before you know it, they will be old and gray. We don’t mean to be dramatic, but it’s true. Time really does fly, especially when you have the love of a dog in your life. Enjoy this fun time and bond with your dog!