Tips on How to Prevent ACL Tears in Dogs

You and your dog are out and about, running through the park, chasing pigeons, balls, and maybe other friends, when suddenly you hear your dog whimper and see him or her limping back to you. You quickly take your furry friend to the vet and are told they have torn their  ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) or what it’s called in dogs, cranial cruciate ligament (CCL). This is heartbreaking to hear and try to explain to your dog that they can’t run around, or they’ll get even more hurt. However, there are certain ways in which you can learn on how to prevent ACL tears in dogs from getting worse.

This happens rather often to dogs suddenly. As they are running around playing they often tear their ACL. This can lead to a costly surgery and rehabilitation process for you, but let’s face, what wouldn’t you do for your best furry friend. Since the ACL is located in the knee joints and is crucial to a healthy dog or human it is one of the most vulnerable areas in the whole body, especially for a dog.

If your dog fully tears its ACL your vet may recommend surgery. This is where learning how to prevent ACL tears in your dog comes in. There are a few different ways in which you can help prevent this injury to your dog, but they are not guaranteed prevention as sometimes things just happen.

How to Prevent ACL Tears

Exercise is important for you and your dog. However, you want to prevent overexertion. Too much exercise can weaken the joints and tissues from jumping, jarring, and chasing items. This leads to trauma that is repeated over and over on the bones that may never truly heal. However, you don’t want to keep your dog at very little exercise though otherwise this will lead to weakening the joints and tissues. You want to make sure you get your dog outside each day for at least an hour of exercise. If you work be sure to avoid just taking your dog out on the weekends and this will lead to sporadic exercise that can lead to injuries.

Spurts of exercise can give your dog ACL injuries and other joint injuries. You want to be sure you keep your dog performing different exercises throughout the day. From running, jumping, sprinting, and walking there are many different forms of exercise beneficial to your dog.

You want to be sure you get them out at least twice a day (whether it’s raining or sunny they need outdoor exercise). Walk your dogs on trails that allow them to roam freely and let them run or walk as they please. Be sure to play hide and seek and chase your dog at times instead of your dog always chasing you. Allow your dogs to play with other dogs if they all seem to get along well and play similarly. Be sure you walk and exercise with your dog as much as possible so that they aren’t alone while playing.

Nutrition and Diet

Your dog’s diet can tremendously help their activitylevel. Depending on what you feed them and how often you feed them this can greatly affect their weight and exercise ability! Making sure your dog’s diet is correct for their breed is important. There are certain dog foods for certain breeds that are best for their strength. Speak to your vet or a breeder of that dog and see what each recommends.

Making sure that your dog has a healthy diet is important to their body. If your dog is overweight they are more likely to tear their ACL and have other joint issues. You can speak with your vet about potential vitamins to give your dog or specific foods that may be good for your dog other than their dry food.


No matter what you choose to do for your dog, be sure that you are giving your furry friend plenty of exercise. Having a dog that is overweight or underweight is unhealthy for them, but especially for their joints and ligaments. If you feel as though your dog has a small limp it is smart to know how to prevent ACL tears from the beginning of the potential injury. If your dog is struggling with a knee program order a knee brace from ustoday! We offer sizes for small breeds like your Yorkie all the way to extra-large breed like your Great Dane.


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